2020 Audit Report Implicate NSA

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    By Muctar Koroma

    The Audit Service report that was presented by the acting Auditor General Abdul Azize in the house of Parliament on December 14th, 2021, has implicated the National Sports Authority (NSA) for irregularities in the payment of monthly allowance to board members. On page 398 of the 583 audit service Sierra Leone annual report; it was discovered that the National Sports Authority appointed 11 board members to its board. Out of these 11 names, seven of the appointed board members have been continually collecting money from the NSA payroll vouchers. These seven individuals, however, are receiving salaries from other government institutions.

    The Audit report in their findings declared that from June to December 2020 a total of one hundred and thirty-two, three hundred seventy million Leones were paid to these seven board members by the National Sports Authority.

    The Audit service commission in their reports stated that they consider these payments ineligible and must be refunded into the consolidated fund.

    The commission further disclosed that there were inconsistencies in the amount paid as salaries to some board members. The service report revealed that, for instance, on the payroll voucher, a member received a total of Le115,500,000 with two different basic salaries of Le17,250,000 and Le2,000,000 for a period of six months.

    Upon recalculation of the figures on the payroll voucher, it was evident that some computations were wrongly done by the Sports Authority. Similarly, a member received a total of Le123,000,000 with four different basic salaries of Le7,000,000, Le6,000,000, Le5,500,000 and Le2,000,000 for a period of six months. Upon recalculation of figures on the payroll voucher, it was again evident that some figures were wrongly computed.

    The Audit Service Sierra Leone auditors recalculated figures showed net salary payment irregularities of
    Le238,500,000 to these Board members.

    The Auditor’s Comment in the report showed that despite several requests for the National Sports Authority to respond or provide evidence the Authority failed, and the issues, therefore, remain unresolved.

    The National Sport Authority under Kenneth Brima as executive director has faced several allegation of misappropriation and corruption under his leadership. The NSA who the audit service ordered to refund money in the consolidated fund it executive director Kenneth Brima is under investigation by the Anti-corruption Commission (ACC)

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