Meet footballer who finds living through construction

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    By Muctar Koroma

    Mohamed Kamara is a 23 years old football player who played for the premier league side Anti-Drugs football club and at the same time housing contractor. He was part of the premier league side’s superb start to the season before their poor end to the first-round league matches.

    Explaining his life after the Sierra Leone Premier League hiatus; Mohamed Kamara said when he’s out of football, construction is the second job that keeps him busy in the capital of Freetown. He said lack of money didn’t allow him to further his school, that is why he learned construction as a skill.

    The goal poacher revealed that after training in his community daily he wash, eat and move to his construction work. He said since the premier league first round ended he has not been able to train with his colleague player because the club has dispatched them.

    “As we ended the first leg of matches, Anti-drugs released players because there is no training and something to matches to honor,” said Mohamed

    Conducting this interview: Mohamed was met at one of the building sites in the West of Freetown where he and his co-workers are constructing a school, he serves as a supervisor, block, and cement stratumer.

    He said the construction job they pay him day-to-day, which he used to take care of his family and maintain life. When asked if he has planned to return to football when the league resume in January; he said it all depends on how they conclude the work he and his team have been entangled with.

    He assured of his continued commitment to play the game despite the poor condition of football players in Sierra Leone.

    Most Sierra Leone premier league clubs find it difficult to pay players after league season break. This is because clubs most time raise income from fans’ entrances to match play. Securing sponsorship from business houses has been hard for the clubs because of the lack of clear investment retrievals from the game.

    Kamara disclosed that he had ventured into the work of construction, for him not to sit idle without engaging in anything.

    “during football break club owners hardly pay them their monthly salary”.

    Mohamed Kamara is a striker for anti-drugs football club. He participated in the first phase of the premier league where the no-to-drug lads finished the first round in the 16 positions with 15 points out of 17 matches played.

    Like Mohamed’s story, many players are left abandoned when football leagues are not playing across the country. Some players are even into bike riding, stealing, and hard drugs.

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