NSA Overpowers Ministry of Sports in FY 2022 Budget.

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    By Muctar Koroma

    The National Sports Authority (NSA) has pocketed more than the ministry of sports in the Economic and Financial Policies budget for the financial year 2022 presented in the chamber of Parliament on November 19th 2021, by the Minister of Finance Dennis K. Vandi.

    Reading the 2022 appropriation under cluster Six: the Minister of Finance Dennis Vandi announced that an amount of Le 26.6 billion has been allocated to the National Sport Authority (NSA) to support sports programmes for the year 2022. While 3.7 billion Leones was allocated from the recurrent budget to the ministry of Sports.

    The Minister of Finance in his presentation to Parliament revealed that transfer to local councils should be amount to 2.3 billion Leones for sports equipment.

    Minister of Finance presenting FY 2022 in Parliament

    The announcement mean that for the second time in a row the National sport authority has overpowered the sport ministry that is supervising them.

    In cluster 6 of the 2021 financial budget presented by then Minister of Finance Jacob Jusu Saffa: an amount of Le3.7 billion was allocated to the Ministry of Sport, and 25.2 billion Leones budgeted for the National Sports Authority.

    Despite the fixed huge amount being allocated to the National Sport Authority for various sporting associations in the country, football has been the biggest beneficiary with other sporting federations left to be languishing for support.

    There is a slight accumulation in the 2022 allocation to the National Sport Authority (NSA). An additional one billion four hundred million Leones was done to the NSA’s quota, while the ministry of sport received the same amount for two consecutive years.

    In 2018 the National sport act was signed into law by President Ernest Bai Koroma, and in 2020 the National Sports Authority came into existence. Since the formation of the authority, they have been in charge of regulating and providing financial assistance to sporting associations.

    In two years, since the authority came into active service the Sports Authority has received approximately 52 billion Leones for sports development from the SLPP’s government. Most of this amount received by the authority has been spent on traveling and per diem, with no developmental project executed across the country.

    Sport facilities in Sierra Leone are in deteriorating condition all across the country. The two sporting venues in the country have been placed on banned by the confederation of Africa football(CAF) from hosting any international matches because of failure to satisfy the required standard.

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